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DIY Face Mask

DIY Face Mask

Make Your Own Face Mask!

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-9"x9" fabric
-1/4" elastic (6.5" strips)
-Featherweight or sheer weight  fusible lining (9"x9") Substitute: 2nd layer of cotton fabric

1. Cut your fusible lining and fabric to 9"x9".  Iron lining to adhere to fabric (wrong sides together; bumpy side of lining to the wrong side of fabric).

2. Cut elastic at 6.5" (x 2)

*To void pressing: Skip step 3. (we have found a more efficient route)
3.  About 2" down from the top of the fabric edge, create a horizontal pleat, press.  About 1/2" down from that pleat create another, press, then make a third.  Press all three together. At this point our rectangles are about 5.25"x7"
*Since I originally wrote this we have been marking our fabric with chalk every inch down, leaving 2" at the top an the bottom. (more consistent and even)

Chalk your 9"x9"

4. Starting at the top, bring the top chalk mark to match the second one below, stitch vertically.  Repeat with the next two sets of chalk marks going vertical to create the pleats. 
5.  Repeat on other side in the same direction. Sew with the pleats, feels awkward, but trust me. 

6. Roll the hem two times to enclose raw edge (other options: serging, pinking, or zigzagging edges).  Stitch vertically with the pleats, back stitching at the top and bottom to secure the stitch.

Ready for Elastic

6.  At all four corners, sew the elastic on the top edge and bottom edge creating a C shape, backstitch 4-5X to secure the elastic.

7.  Create yet another rolled hem to encase the elastic (the smallest seam allowance you can). Repeat on both sides.

8. *Optional* Create a pleat in the bottom by folding mask at the bottom.  Sew about 1/2" and backstitch. (I have found this helps with the fit of the chin)

Clip threads and VOILA <3

Camoflauge face mask
Fusible lining

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Made one yourself?  Tag us on instagram @sweettexastreasuresboutique

These are not CDC approved but are possibly big enough to cover a real mask.  Replace the lining with N95 once it becomes available again!
Add a metal nose guard!

Due to the shortage of masks at this time, CDC has recommended scarves and bandanas.  Any protection is better than nothing!

Stay safe, sweet, & much love always,




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