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Shark Week Inspo

Shark Week Inspo

I can't tell you 100% why I have an obsession with sharks.  It started back when I was younger and I'd get the "S" encyclopedia off the book shelf at my grandma's house and flip to the shark section.  

Ocean life is so mysterious to me.  I think about it often how there's probably thousands and thousands of species and areas of the ocean where no person has ever been.  Sharks are mysterious, dangerous, and one of the most sought out species for poachers.  Their fins have become a delicacy in Asia, with shark fin soup.  I first heard about this while at The Aquarium in Houston on Shark Day they had.  There was a company there called Fins Attached.  They were educating people on the dangers of humans poaching sharks, which blew my mind.  These poachers will catch sharks, cut off their fins and throw them back in the water where they are left to die.  Over 190 million sharks are killed each year, and you are more likely to be struck by lightening than bit by a shark.

Sharks mostly bite humans out of curiosity, once they realize you're not a seal, they are more than likely no longer interested in you, SORRY.

The ocean floors are filled with shark teeth.  Sharks can have up to 3,000 teeth in their mouth at once and are said to have over 30,000 in their lifetime.

Sharks are starting to be found in fresh water rivers, they're adapting from salt water to fresh water.

I even have this small shark fin tattoo by @daniellemarietattoos :)
Which inspired our Shark Fin Bleach design.

Since I was a young girl, sharks have been one of my favorite animals.  Now today I am able to share my love of sharks through fashion. Shark people are few and far between because they're viewed as "so dangerous".  It is through these designs that I hope to spread Shark Love<3.

Our Shark Week Collection is a celebration alongside Discovery Channel's Shark Week presentations.  I believe we should live every week like it's shark week :)  and by that I mean rockin' our STT Shark Treasures year 'round.


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