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Howdy!  Welcome to Sweet Texas Treasures!

My online business dates back to 2007 as MFashions* on eBay.  While having the usual waitress job (at a Mexican food restaurant of course), I had a love for vintage and thrift finds.  I decided to start reselling "treasures" as I like to call them, on eBay.

Ever since I was little I have been called an "old soul", being mature and having love and appreciation for old things.  As I've gotten older I've realized how people don't appreciate older "treasures" as I like to call them, whether it be from garage sales, estate sales, or resale shops.  I know that every piece has a story and a greater purpose.  I feel it is my duty to find these treasures a home. 

So what exactly is Sweet Texas Treasures?!
Sweet is my favorite word.  I reside in Texas (the best state ;) ).   Treasures are finds only found here, also known as one man's trash is another man's treasure.

I have known to sew since I was little, thanks to my grandma, but thrown into the mix of teaching Fashion Design at a local high school my love for sewing grew. In November of 2014, I had Victoria, my muse/baby model.  I became obsessed with shopping small on instagram and tagging small shops in hopes they'd repost Victoria's picture.  

In March of 2015, I designed my very first onesie.

This onesie led to an Etsy store, which led to many more designs... and eventually me making a matching shirt of my own. 

While still teaching, I took on multiple wholesale and consignment accounts around the U.S. and in 2016 decided to open my own store front (fabric was taking over my house!).

With the influx of orders, I had to leave my teaching job to pursue this dream.  A dream where my love for design, merchandising, and passion all came together. 

Our boutique is filled with women's, children's, men's, with home decor and gifting items, through the years has turned into a destination spot for travelers, making us a Texas Souvenir Shop.

Our brand has gone from babies to adults now where our designs are found in over 250 boutiques nationwide, while all the production is done in our hometown, Montgomery, Texas.  

We stand by our designs and take pride in giving the best possible retail experience whether online or in-store.  We believe that you should live every day like it's a fiesta and have no regrets.  Life is too short to wear boring clothes.  And clothing, among lots of things, is important because you LIVE YOUR LIFE IN IT.

<3 Morgan