Custom Shape Options

All of our shapes are available for all products [hats, kid's, can holders, etc.]

If you do not see the shape you desire on this list, simply email us at with any image ideas/questions. 


Cow Skull


Horse Head

Bucking Horse


Wolf with Moon









Brahman Bull


All US States

Other Shapes:


Cactus Horizon

State Horizon

State Abbreviation 





Barrel Racer

Bucking Cowboy

Lightning Bolt

Palm Tree

Circle [used primarily for printed fabrics with particular shapes on them]

Aztec Cutout

Truck & Tree

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Horizon 

Stacked Christmas Trees 



Our multi-fabric shapes are very unique and can be customized with any fabric of your choice. These are very special and dear to us and our customers. They are more expensive due to the multi-fabric design, or the specific customization (specific to the Cattle Brand)  We have 4 different kinds of these unique designs: Flag (both American and Texas, Butterfly, the Cactus Trifecta, and the Cattle Brand. 

Serape Flag: This design can come in either the Texas Flag or American Flag. The Texas Flag has 3 different fabrics, one for the section for the stars, another for the white, and then one for the red part. The American Flag has 2 different fabrics, one for the stars and the other is where the stripes would be. The Texas Flag actually originated in Montgomery, so we decided to put our own twist on it to make it specific to our store and area. We, also, wanted an American Flag for the non-Texans, so they can still rock a flag shirt from STT. 

Salsa Serape Flag Premium Camo Tee  Guadalajara Bandana Texas Flag Tee

Salsa Serape Flag Premium Camo Tee

Guadalajara Bandana Texas Flag Tee

Butterfly: The butterfly has 2 different fabrics, one for the wings and the other for the body in between the wings. This one is super fun because it is super sustainable and would be perfect for any age! In our world, the butterfly has a powerful, significant meaning of life, hope, and change.

Fiesta Serape Butterfly Tee [White Marble] 

Fiesta Serape Butterfly Tee [White Marble]

Cactus Trifecta: This design has up to 3 different fabrics, sometimes there is only 2 depending on what you want it to look like. All three of the cactus can be different fabrics, but in the one with only 2 fabrics has the outside cacti as the same fabric and the middle one a different one. This one is extra unique because the middle of the Horizon design has a cut out cactus and we reuse that piece of fabric for this particular design of the 3 cacti. 

Cactus Trifecta Seagreen Tee

Cactus Trifecta Seagreen Tee

Cattle Brand: This Cattle Brand design is very specific and unique to you! When you order this design you will send us an email at with your brand and we will cut it out by either hand or machine. You can have this put on any shirt or size with any fabric that fits your brand the best. This fabric design is very specific, not only to you, but also to us at STT!

 Sedona Turquoise Branded Tee

Sedona Turquoise Branded Tee