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Crown Royal Bag DIY Face Mask

Crown Royal Bag DIY Face Mask

Quarantine Blog

Mom life activity:  Giving the kids a bath while having a Crown and Coke.

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Quarantine memes and other people have us getting really creative.  Shout out to Scott Oney for supplying the bag! 

-Crown Royal Bag (small or large)
-6.75" elastic (or use a little bit of elastic with the drawstring!)
-9"x9" fabric (backing)
-Purple thread

crown royal face mask

See our original blog for the first mask tutorial.  We basically did the same steps but adjusted in to a Crown Royal bag.

1. Cut Crown Royal bag from the top to the bottom, directly down.  Cut off the top drawstring section without cutting into the serged yellow top edge.

2. Cut to a square as best as you can!  (It's hard!) as big as you can, ideally 9"x9".

Cut Crown Royal Bag (oops on the corner!)

3. Cut 9"x9" backing fabric.

4.  Baste the 2 together sewing around all four edges.  If the Crown layer is smaller than the lining layer, move the Crown layer down to match the bottom edge.

5.  Mark 2" down from the top and every inch down leaving to edges on the end.  Repeat on other side.
marking your crown royal mask

6.  Create front pleats by connecting each of your markings going from top to bottom.

7.  Create a rolled seam on the left and right side, sewing with the pleats (might be awkward), smallest seam allowance you can.

pleated and rolled crown royal mask

8.  Attached elastic on the left or right side at the top and bottom! Repeat on other side.

*Note for a small Crown bag, I attached the elastic at the top only on the backing fabric because the Crown bag layer was too small.

9.  Create a rolled seam on the top and bottom, as you did on the sides.

10.  Pinch the bottom of the mask about 1/4" to create a small "chin tuck" in the bottom center of the fabric.

Crown Royal Face Mask Tutorial

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