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Desperado State Tee

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IT'S TIME TO REPRESENT! What better way to do so, than with a tee, with your state abbreviations?! North, South, East or West, make a statement with this super cute custom! 

Our custom design tees are unique in design because no two are the same, mix and match the fabric, shapes, and tee colors to create your own design.  Depending on where the shape is cut, each design is one-of-a-kind and HANDMADE with love in Texas just for you! 

Style Suggestion: Pair your custom tees with a matching custom hatscrunchie, and can holder to complete a full custom look of your preference. Our customs can be dressed down with a pair of shorts and some sandals or dressed up with a skirt and wedges for a day out. Going out tonight? Pair our tee with a pair of bell bottoms and a kimono to complete that look. Wherever you're going, our custom designed shirts have your back.

  • The shapes/letters are hand cut, ironed on the shirts for stability with interfacing, then stitched on by machine! 
  • This Tee is made to order on our unisex size shirts that run from size XS to size 3XL
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for the production. 
  • You must input the desired state (i.e.. TX, LA, CA, FL, NY, MI, etc. ) and color (i.e.. charcoal, berry, emerald, etc.). Click on color for full lists. 

    Shape on item pictured is TX (Navy Tri Blend shirt)