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The Beginning of Something Good

The Beginning of Something Good

 Hello!  Welcome to my very first blog post!  I'm so excited!  Here we are 3 months in to our store front and I feel so thankful for the support of my community, customers, friends and family for everything they've done to help the success of my small business.  Before September 1st of this year I was building my brand out of the spare bedroom of my home, spending endless hours staying up late hoping for the success of etsy... which eventually led to wholesaling my creations to boutiques all over the United States.  I can't believe in a year and a half this is where we are.  Sweet Texas Treasures is not only a brand, it's a store, an online store, and a vision for the future.  

Lets go back to July of 2016, my father, husband, and daughter travelled to Breckenridge, CO for my dad's company trip.  The trip, overall, was amazing but nonetheless miserable for us all for the first couple of days, we all suffered altitude sickness.  It was awful.  There was one day I didn't leave the condo.  After I felt better, my dad and husband got it and they couldn't leave the condo.  I ventured out by myself and did some self-reflecting, enamored by the sights, and most of all engrossed myself in the fresh air of Colorado.  As soon as everybody started feeling better, we ventured out and roamed the streets of Breck, shopped and ate!  Throughout the trip my daughter had worn some of my Frida tees and people kept stopping and asking where they were from.  I told them I made them, handed off my card, and went on my merry way.  Well, it never dawned on me that my husband was paying attention to these people and after seeing multiple days of this, he had an idea.

Vintage Sweet, & Chic:  If you're ever in Breck PLEASE stop in this boutique.  White walls, pipe and flange hardware, VINTAGE, accessories, women's fashion, home decor all presented to the 9s!  I walked in and fell in love.  I whispered to the hubby "If I ever have a boutique, it's going to look like this!".   It was a bit pricey for my taste, but because of the way everything was presented, you didn't care!  I walked out of there with 2 Pura Vida bracelets and was on cloud 9.  Hubby went outside with the baby while I chatted with the owner for about 15 minutes, she said they opened 5 years ago and we exchanged info to stay in contact because as I told her she was #GOALS.  Walked outside to where my husband and baby were sitting and he said it: "I want you to open a store."   That my friends was the 4th time in my life that I fell in love with my husband all over again (1st: our first date, 2nd: when he proposed/wedding, 3rd: seeing him hold our baby for the first time).  I could've cried, like ugly-cried in the middle of downtown Breck.  That day I started researching for local spaces for lease in my hometown Montgomery, Texas... every thing was $2500+ and I was turned off by the idea.  Opening a store is a RISK!  Decided to put the dream on the backburner, save money for a year teaching, then try again summer of 2017.

Finally, we get home. Home sweet home, and what did we need?  Our TEX-MEX of course!  We parked in front of JK Graphics on that Sunday and noticed a space for lease next to our favorite tex-mex restaurant, 7 Leguas.  I contacted the owner the next day to tour the space.  As we were waiting to tour the space I noticed a Texas tile in the cement right outside of the door of the location and I knew it was a sign.  We toured the inside and I was super torn. I was expecting one BIG room but it was all these random rooms, I got to thinking "how can I merchandise multiple rooms?  I don't know if this will work."  I wanted: Women's, Children's, Vintage, Home Decor!  That night, I couldn't sleep.   My creative juices were flowing and I wanted that space more than anything I've ever wanted all my life.  Called the landlord the next day and sealed the deal.  No regrets.  Officially started our lease August 1, told myself I was going to open September 1.  STRESS ON STRESS ON STRESS.

AUGUST: Went to the Dallas Market, ordered clothing from other small shops, had a goal and I was sticking with it.  Knocked down a wall, pulled up carpet, textured, painted, installed hardware, got furniture, merchandise, and come September 1st we had a store.  Still blows my mind.  Thank you again to all my friends and family for helping during this stressful time in my life, you ALL have made my dreams come true and I can't thank you enough.


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