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My Girl, Victoria

My Girl, Victoria

I'll apologize for my sappy post in advance...

On November 24, 2014, my life was changed forever with the birth of my first child, Victoria Grace Calhoun. Named after my late sister, Kendyl Victoria, and my grandma, Grace, she was destined for greatness. Not only has Victoria been the inspiration for me to start my business (etsy), but she ceases to amaze me and others on a daily basis.

As Victoria has grown from an infant to a toddler, not only has she changed physically, she is so intuitive and caring towards others. I don't feel that most two year old children act like her... or have manners like her. We definitely have the thank yous, please, and you're welcomes, down. She has never met a stranger and will pretty much talk to any one (like me).

When V was about one, I was tired one evening and actually fell asleep on her leg while she patted me. I slept for about 30 minutes and woke up to my eyeliner on her leg. Now days I can ask her to "hold me" and she'll wrap her arms around me and hold me tight. Being this little girl's mom is the absolute greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks Kory :)

It's funny that I used to say "I never want to bring a child into this world" due to the fact of how the world is changing and seeing what I've seen in my day. It blows my mind how easily influenced she is with everything I do and I say, I see it transform her into who she is daily. Not too long ago I overheard a lady call her 4 year old an "ass" in public. It blew my mind. Yes, this was a young mom... however as my grandma would say "shit begets shit" aka you are a product of your environment. One of my favorite shirts I own says "Raise Good Humans" by Weestructed, and that's it folks, that's all we have to do.
I come from a slew of BAD and good pasts and when I was about 22 I decided to take those experiences and do something about it. OVERCOME the obstacles that life throws at you. STOP making excuses as to why you CAN'T do something, and BE the change you wish to see in the world. As for now I see the future in my bright blue eyed little girl's face and know that I can influence the world through her and the things I believe in and of all these is LOVE.

If you're ever in the store on a Saturday, Miss Victoria is probably there, I'd like for everyone to meet her <3

Til next time,

PS I recommend downloading the 1 second every day app for those of you that have kids! It's amazing!

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