Tyee Turquoise Stud Earrings

Tyee Turquoise Stud Earrings

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The name Tyee originates from the native american culture and means "leader." The name is so perfect for these earrings to be worn by you, as being a part of our leading girl gang! These beautiful stud earrings will not only match, but also bring you leadership, when paired with any outfit, during any season! These stud earrings are genuine indian handcrafted pieces that are made real sterling silver, and real turquoise stones. 

Style Suggestion: Pair these precious stud earrings with one of our necklaces, and your favorite one of our custom design tees for a sweet, perfectly accessorized look.

Best Features: Genuine indian handcrafted earrings made with sterling silver and real turquoise stones. Perfect size that will add the right touch that your look is missing. Detailing in the sterling silver, as well as its cut around the turquoise stones.

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