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Loaded Lace-Up Cowprint Shoe

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We don't usually do this but...WE COULDN'T RESIST! Now in stock, the Loaded Lace-Up Cow print Shoe. Whether you're traveling, walking about town, or just wanting a casual shoe...these are exactly what you're looking for! Best for the heat (light-weight & breathe easy) & a really cute finish for any outfit!

Style Suggestions: Style these lovely cow print lace up with your favorite pair of skinny's, mom jeans, flares, or even jean shorts. Add a STT custom or graphic, simple earrings, and a trucker hat!

Best Features: Cow print design, elastic laces(adjustable), light-weight, comfy soul, thick canvas material (thin on top, more shaped on the sides), easy off & on wear, removable and replaceable in-soles.

Sizes: Tighter fit than similar brands so most size up from normal shoe size


*All Man Made Materials*