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Last Call Leave Her Wild Pullover

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This pullover was inspired by the Atticus poem featured below. He mentions his love of nature but recommends leaving nature wild. This design hits to us different as women because we all have a little wild in us. Making each of us a wildflower. 

Style Suggestions: Dress this pullover with a pair of leggings and sneakers to lounge around. Also you could dress it up with some flares or even a skirt and wedges. Throw on some accessories and you are ready to go! 

Best Features: Screen printed on our Camo fabric, screen print arm detailing, cozy fleece 

Size Suggestions: Small(2-4)  Medium(6-8) Large (10-12) XL(14-16) XXL(18-20)

Morgan is wearing the size Small.

“What of the firefly, 
the one I love to chase?
The old man smiled
Love her
he said
but leave her wild,
and the old oak tree I love to climb?
Love her, he said, but leave her wild
the bird that sings that song I love?
Love her, he said, but leave her wild
and the wolf that cries to the old joke moon?
Love her, he said, but leave her wild
and the horse that loves to run with storms?
Love her, he said, but leave her wild.
And what of her,
the one I love most?
And the old man smiled.
Yes, he said,
you must love her too
but love her wild
and she’ll love you”