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Last Call Jacey Pull-On Jeggings

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According to a user from Illinois., the name Jacey is of English origin and means "Gift of god," and boy, oh boy, if that is not exactly what we feel these pairs of jeans are! Comfort to the max with an amazing pull-on feature. That's right... NO inconvenient buttons! Our Jacey Pull-on Jeggings are the killer pair of jeggings that each of us need a pair of. 

Style Suggestion: Styled with a boutique top and your favorite shoes, these jeggings are a fun and fashionable part of a wide variety of casual outfits.

Best Features: JEGGINGS!! The most comfortable, slip on denim skinny jeans. Counterfeit front pockets, but functional back pockets for convenience. Dark wash denim color that is easy to pair with. Quality is out of this world. No holes!

Size Suggestion: 0(24), 1(25), 3(26), 5(27), 7(28), 9(29), 11(30), 13(31), 15(32) **size chart included in pictures for reference as well**