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Lil Darlin'

Lil Darlin'

In honor of my grandma's birthday today, I thought I'd dedicate this blog to her and my late grandpa.
My Papaw was one of the most loyal and stable relationships I ever had in my life.  Despite the thought of me pursuing my dream of studying fashion, instead of engineering (like him), my grandpa positively impacted my life in more ways than just being my mom's dad.
Throughout my life, my grandparents took my mom and I in, making my relationship with them a lot stronger than the normal grandchild/grandparent relationship.  This is how I derived the name "Lil Darlin' ".  Every time I would come to my grandparent's house my grandpa would sing "Lil Darlin', bum bum ba doo dee, Lil Darlin', bum bum ba doo dee".  It was our song.  He wrote it for me.  And man, did he know how to make a girl feel good, he raised four daughters! [Poor guy!]
After my grandpa passed away this year I started tapping into designing some screenprinted tees, straying away from our norm, appliquéd tees.  Because of name, Sweet Texas Treasures, derives from the thought of one man's trash is another man's treasure, I was inspired by vintage tees.  The inspiration of our "Darlin'" tee is a remake of this awesome vintage Dallas tee.  
Use code DARLIN for a sweet discount on this tee until Sunday, October 8.

RIP Papaw, may your spirit and memory live on through this design.

Love always,
Your Lil Darlin'
Happy Birthday, Memaw! I love and miss you so much! I hope my marriage is as long and strong as yours. I loved watching y'all dance in the living room growing up. And I have to say that hearing Papaw approve of my husband because he saw him kiss me on the forehead, like he did me (see pic above) made me the happiest girl alive.