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 Sweet Texas Treasures Boutique

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Ready to shop? Everything in the photos is available in our stores! Simply find the letter and follow to the clickable link below the photo for an easy way to finish [or start] your Holiday Shopping!


Girl Boss

The perfect gift essentials for the strong women in your life. Whether it's your best friend, a co-worker, or the mail lady, there are plenty of treasures to share with your fellow bosses. 

A. Socks $12

B. Sweet Treasure Pouch $8

C. Graphic Tees $34-36

D. Affirmation Banners $10

E. Celebrity Candles $15

F. Girl Boss Celebrity Stud Earrings $24

G. Patches $8

H. Mug $7

I. Celebrity Can Holder $8

J. Funny Motel Key Tags $8

K. Texas Babe Tee $36


Music Maniac

At Sweet Texas Treasures, we enjoy all genres of music which is reflected in our wide assortment of musically themed merchandise. Whether your jamming to some old school country, or enjoying the latest in hip hop, we have the perfect gift for you. Our favorite? The vintage music patches, perfect for your denim jacket.

A. Graphic Tees $28-38

B. Palm Tambourine Drums $8

C. Patches $8

D. Celebrity Candles $15

E. Socks $12

F. Llama Ear Buds $12


Sports Lover

Know a sports lover? We got you covered! From basketball to baseball and football we have the gear to get anyone through each season. Grab a custom made trucker hat or a unisex tee to rep your favorite team!

A. Game Day Trucker Hats $32

B. Celebrity Saint Candles $15

C. Team Key Hole Tee $38

D. Bralette $18

E. Drop Earrings $18

F. Sports Bracelet $18

G. Can Holders $10

H. Socks $12


Cactus Cray

Can't go wrong with a little cactus [or a lot in our case]. Our custom design collection features a multitude of cactus creations from our coveted "Cactus Horizon" to our top selling "Cactus Trifecta". Choose your favorite fabric, and pick your item  [tee/can holder/hoodie/hat] and we'll sew it on for you! Don't forget the coordinating cactus accessories!

A. STT Custom Trucker Hats $32

B. STT Custom Hoodie $47

C. Cactus Earrings $22 

D. Cactus Mason Jar Cups $8

E. Can Holders $8-10

F. Cactus Decor $8

G. Cactus Queen Embroidered Top $69

H. Cactus Luggage Tag $8

I. Felt Cactus Decor $10

J. STT Custom Tee $36-42

K. Car Scents $10

L. Authentic Leather Cactus Serape Clutch $149

M. Cisco Cactus Slip-on Sneakers $79


Sweater Weather

Looking for a sweater? Look no further! The softest materials, brightest colors and a MILLION different styles make Sweet Texas Treasures your one stop sweater shop! I mean how could you resist this cuddle puddle??

A. Rocky Mountain Striped Sweater [Rust] $49

B. Daffodil Slouchy Cropped Sweater $49

C. Midnight Aztec Dream Cardigan $62

D. Teddy Bear Sweater [Brown] $44

E. Fall Vibes Popcorn Sweater $55

F. Snow Sherpa Waterfall Cardigan $49

G. Rainbow Chenille Striped Cardigan [Taupe Mix] $52


Livestock Life

Pigs, steer, goats, oh my! Living in Texas demands at least one live stock run in at some point! Not a fan of those? No worries! We also do the following shapes: Buffalo, Bucking-horses, cow skulls, donkeys, and are always open to requests!

A. STT Custom Hats $32

B. Socks $9

C. STT Custom Tees $36- $44

D. Double Down Layer Necklace [All Colors] $18


Make-up Madness

 Make-up always on point!! We all know those who can't live without make-up (it might be you)! Give them the perfect accessory for storing their goodies with extra dazzle. Whether it's hair accessories, bold earrings, fun hats, or our custom Makeup Junkie Bags- you can't go wrong.

A. Red & Green Stripe Headband [2 Colors] $18

B. Boozie Holiday Ornaments [6 Styles] $15

C. Ring-A-Llama Phone Stand $12

D. Sol Serape Makeup Junkie Bags [5 Sizes] $39

E. Wine Lip Gloss $8

F. Fiesta Forever Fringed Bead Tassel Earrings [2 Colors] $18

G. Noche Serape Makeup Junkie Bags [4 Sizes] $45

H. Lago Serape Makeup Junkie Bags [5 Sizes] $45

I. Scrunchies $5-8

J. Seed Bead Stud Earrings $12

K. Beaded Rhinestone Fiesta Fringe Earrings $24

L. Olga Serape Makeup Junkie Bags [4 Sizes] $49

M. Corral Serape Makeup Junkie Bags [4 Sizes] $49

N. Hotline Hair Ties $9

O. Feather Thread Earrings [Multi] $22

P. Wish Bracelets [All Styles] $4

Q. Salsa Serape Makeup Junkie Bags [4 Sizes] $55

R. Pineapple Fur Keychain [3 Colors] $12

S. Playa Serape Makeup Junkie Bags [4 Sizes] $55

T. Leather Frida Leopard Hat $59

U. La Vida Leopard Serape Hat $79



Wild Thang

Give them something to go wild over! Shop our favorite & latest animal prints. We have a variety of leopard, snake, and tiger patterns, available on multiple items- sweaters, hats, accessories, and of course our custom designs with leopard fabric. The perfect gift for the wild thang in your life-they'll stay warm & wild all winter long! 

A. Sherpa Lined Leopard Knit Beanie [2 Colors]  $22

B. Conroe Tigers Duster Cardigan $59

C. Animal Print Magnetic Bracelets [4 Colors] $18

D. Leopard Printed Jute Clutch $49

E. Tilly Tan Leopard Pullover Sweater $59

F. Leopard Vintage Silk Neckerchief $16

G. Leopard Beaded Tassel Earrings $22

H. Lala Leopard Keyhole Sweater [Mauve] $54

I. Texarkana Stud Earrings [Leopard] $12

J. Lorena Leopard Fuzz Zip Boots $89

K. Leopard Microsuede Bootie $79

L. Lillian Leopard Fuzzy Sweater [Cream] $39

M. Leopard Tear Drop Earrings [Dark Brown] $18

N. Leopard Horse Bit Vintage Silk Neckerchief $16

O. Westbrook Wild Leopard Distressed Sweater $49

P. Let's Be Fringe Leopard Earrings [4 Colors] $22

Q. Leopard Slip On Sneakers $49

R. Midnight Leopard Print Slip On Sneakers $49


Let's Get Political

Red, white, and blue! Customize your flag with your favorite serape fabrics- Fiesta, Lago, Noche, Sol, and many more. Top it off with our custom hats, and as always- don't forget the fun accessories. Shopping for the jokester? Our Illuminidol celebrity saint candles are perfect- available in a collection of saints.

 A. Donald Trump Celebrity Saint Candles $15 

B. Serape Flag Tees $42-$44

C. Serape Flag Hats $32

D. The Sweet Paisley Bandana $4

E. Fiesta Threaded Fringe Earrings $18


Bad & Boozie

Pop some bottles- the holidays have arrived! We have it all except the alcohol. Keep your drinks cold in our fun can holders. Drink classy in a fabulous Diamond Wine Glass. Don't drink? No worries, we have 0% alcohol ornaments!

A. Large Serape Blankets [All Colors] $32

B. Skinny Can Holders $8

C. Boozie Holiday Ornaments [6 Styles] $15

D. Funny Motel Key Tags [All Styles] $8

E. Texaholic Tee [4 Colors] $34

F. Sweet Sequins Pocket Can Holder $10

G. Trashy Treasure Can Holders [All Styles] $8

H. Drink Local Texas Can Holder $8

I. Cactus Bottle Opener $14

J. Texaholic Tee [4 Colors] $34

K. Diamond Wine Glasses [8 Colors] $15

L. Cause & Solution Women's Socks $9

M. Zip Up Bottle Holders [All Colors] $10


Texas Pride

Everything is bigger in Texas! Especially when it's made in the Lone Star State. The perfect gift for a proud Texan.  Our array of Texas items from souvenirs to tees and stickers. Not from Texas? No problem, input your state on any of our custom designs for a customized treasures for your state.

A. STT Custom Hats $32

B. STT Custom Tees $36- $44

C. Texas Wildflower Tee $34

D. Texas Can Holders $8

E. STT Custom Can Holders $10

F. Trashy Treasure Can Holders $8

G. Assorted Stickers $4-$6

H. Marble Texas Stud Earrings [5 Colors] $12

I. Marble Texas Necklace Set [4 Colors] $16

J. Druzy Texas Stud Earrings $12

K. Double Druzy Texas Necklace Set $16

L. Love Texas Retro Tee $34

M. Texaholic Can Holders $8

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